Create the Perfect Cosy Space

There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day to a warm, comfortable and inviting space. Cosy homes are relaxing and tranquil, helping you to unwind. If you’d like to make your space more peaceful, read our handy guide below.

Cosy home top tips

Mood lighting

Getting your lighting right is a must. Avoid harsh overhead lights; if you have spotlights, make sure you add a dimmer switch to make sure your space is not too bright in the evenings. Add small table lamps with warm, yellow-hued bulbs, and switch them on as soon as it starts to get dark. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas- they work all year round and give a lovely soft glow. Hang them from picture frames or place them around your mantlepiece.

Add lots of soft furnishings

A plush sofa covered in cushions is always going to make your room feel cosy, but there are extra touches you can add too. Always keep a couple of big, fluffy throws around, on each chair or sofa, so that you can curl up and keep warm with a comforting blanket over you. You can also invest in some good-quality, thick and heavy curtains that will keep draughts out and add a touch of luxury.

Scents matter

Make your home smells amazing with scented candles and wax melts. Another great option is a diffuser with your own blend of soothing essential oils like lavender and bergamot.